We can't force everyone to love us, But we can love everyone.

Love the one that people don't love.

= The Agape Love =



Peeps. I'm back!

So happy that I can update my dead blog.

Already one week huh,

I didn't update my bloggie. =)

Just realise that so many of my friends

don't know how to see chinese huh.

Even though they speak chinese,

but they don't know how to look at the word,

they're bored and poor in it.

Blahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~ ==

Well, I'm going to mix both the chinese and english in my blog. =D

So, it is fair to everyone. ><

This is Malaysia,

So I'm writing Malaysia Language. XDDDDDDDDDDD


I just came back from 2 camps.

Heeeeeeeess. =D

1st: family camp

2nd: MIF


Siok huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made so lil' friends in family camp.

I went shopping yeah!

I'm wondering

" Why boys like to play shooting games? "

Just bought 1 slipper tee,

I think it's cute and nice. ^^

I went there with friends. =)

I don't wanna leave there lehh,

that camp is so siok,

that I don't wanna come back.


The MIF camp...

Actually ahh, I don't wanna go ehh.

But, cannot mahh, mummy already register for me.

Oh no! The most serious thing is,

my name is at boy's room. ==

Luckily, got somemore place for me to sleep.

Thanks God uh!

First day, I hope I can go back faster.

But till the last day,

I hope I can don't go back lehh.

I cried.

I never think that I will cry,

I never think that I will miss,

I never think that I will love,

I really hope that next year come faster!

I learnt much things there.

I learnt:






Many lahhhh.

Really no any regrets after going this camp.

So worth!

I really very miss my friends there.

My leader is so so so funny lahhh. XDDDDDDDD


I went to school this morning.

To practise drama for Teachers' Day.

In morning session lehhh.

I got a bit paiseh.

Then we went to eat at D5.

So nice the food.

Oh yummy yummy~~~~~~~~~~

My friends are so so so funny.

They make so much fun when we're practising. =)



Chinjie Out.

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