I'm afraid of loneliness, I'm afraid of being alone.

I need someone to comfort me right now.



Just now my papa and mama phoned me.

I am really happy.

And I felt so touch.

I miss them so much.

They still so care for me. TT^TT


Rupa-rupanya Father's Day haven't pass horr.

I thought pass liao ehh.

Scare tiok me awhile. ><

Next Sunday is Father's Day liao.

Everyone please remember o. =)

So miss my daddy and mummy at China de.

So miss my papa and mama at Alor Star de.



What present should I buy for my papa and mama leh?

What present should I buy for my daddy and mummy leh?

I also don't know what they like ehh.

Oh no!! What a bad child am I!

Tell you all one thing,

that day mother's day I said happy mother's day to my mama,

but i forgot to say to my mummy lehh. ><

This coming father's day,

I'm going to say happy father's day and happy mother's day

to my papa mama and daddy mummy liao. XD


I'm so so so sorry that I forgot about it.

Please forgive me. TT^TT

"It's too late to apologize"

Suddenly think tiok this song ehh. XD

Lame ==ll


Tell you ahhh,

now the thunder so hiong,

So loud, So scary.


I'm afraid.

Suddenly felt so lonely,

Very lonely...

Cause there's no one at home,

no parents, no k-parents, no brothers & sisters, no friends...

Alone, I'm alone. TT^TT


Chinjie Out.


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